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Ottawa, Ontario Canada
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    Ottawa Ontario, Canada
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    Original Fine Art

    Artist Statement

    I have noticed that over time my works go through different stages in which I would focus on a particular colour, story, or theme. I find painting to be not only a form of expression but a way of thinking as certain things cannot be put into words in the same way. Through art I become a part of something that would otherwise seem out of reach; a beautiful place I had seen in a dream, a photograph of a person that I find captivating but could never meet, a memory that is growing blurry – by painting these things they become a part of me and are fixed in time. I have interacted with them but in a different way than if I had been there or had met them. Many of my works are very personal in nature, having helped me understand and cope with difficult times in my life, others are very playful and experimental, like a dance. While I paint I often listen to music, a film, or a book being read out loud in the background, I like the effect that this has on the final work as part of its story and mood of what I had listened to merges with the painting. I enjoy versatility in art, beginning with bold energetic strokes and then refining them with beautiful details as one would carve a stone. Having what one might call a distraction while I paint helps me feel uninhibited, making my works fearless and intuitive. I think it is important to remove the second pair of eyes and what they may think or feel about my work, I believe art is valuable when it is genuine and from the heart. Art has always been a source of freedom for me and an escape from a nine to five world.

    Curriculum Vitae

    - Orleans Art Studio Tour 2015 (including exhibit at Wall Space)
    - Ottawa Art in the Park (outdoor exhibit at Strathcona Park)
    - Summer Art Market (outdoor exhibit in front of Ottawa City Hall)
    - $2000 UOttawa Art Contest winning entry
    - Contributed paintings to the SASC Soiree Fundraiser 2015 art auction (Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa)
    - Contributed paintings to the Brain and Mental Health Art Show fundraiser auction.

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